Baitbus Review

So, what is better than a hot, gay guy? It’s a straight guy who didn’t know he was gay. Yes, on baitbus there are all sorts of things happening and one of them is tricking a supposedly straight guy to have sex with a gay man. Most guys can be a bit confused about their sexuality. They think they don’t like men, but when they are presented with a good looking boy, they just can’t hold their cum. For those of you who don’t know what baitbus is all about: It’s a guy in the bus who gets the straight guys in to try out boys. Yes, all without their knowledge! The guys are mostly blindfolded and sometimes volunteer to have sex with another guy. You can watch gay boys putting their big dicks inside straight guys, sometimes without their knowledge. And that’s not the only way they like to try out gay boys. They have someone give them a blowjob or deepthroat just for them to experience what it is like to have sex with men. These men who are brought into the bus are not really aware of what is going to happen with them. They are straight men with a usual sex life and they don’t want much out of life. But the devil in the baitbus has it otherwise. He wants these straight men to face their real selves and for that they are ready to be nasty to them if need be. They are brought into the bus and blindfolded. The camera, in the meanwhile, records everything. The straight men are told they are being sucked by a hot chick. As they get a hot blowjob and the camera records everything that’s going on, something really amazing is unveiled. These straight guys actually really love the blowjobs given to them by these men! And so much so that they absolutely love having sex with men. Now, how exciting is that? You can see how embarrassed these men are when they are told that they just got sucked by a man. But then what’s there to be shy about? If you like men then there is nothing that you can do it changing it. Right? These straight guys are the gay converts. If that’s not exciting then what is!

This ain’t for the fainthearted

If you are an adventurous soul who thinks something like this is fun then you must visit baitbus. It is a wonderful website that does not shy away from the idea that the boys or men who thought they were straight are probably gay or even bisexual. It is a great website if you want to watch videos that catch these innocent men unawares. Yes, there is no other website in the world that has videos dealing with a subject like this. And not all the men who discover they are gays are happy with the results. Of course, some of them don’t take it as well as they should. But you would realize how much fun it is to play this game even though the result may not always be very pleasant. So, if you are one of those people who love to look at things from a new perspective then this is definitely for you. If you think that you may not enjoy the idea of watching a gay convert then you should watch it anyway. Why not be adventurous when we can be? The boys in the video are not merely being given oral sex. Some of them have sex in the bus too. Yes. Some of them probably know they are not really straight and don’t let go off the opportunity to have a quickie with a hot hunk. If you fantasize about that sort of thing then baitbus might just be for you. You don’t really have to watch it on a desktop anymore. Baitbus knows you would like to surf your favorite porn just about anywhere you can. Now, when you have a private moment or feel bored, you can watch the videos and have fun. The website is great and you will not have any complains with it. The videos, of course are extraordinary and if it is not your taste then you should watch it too. After all, where else would you find such amazingly gutsy videos. And who doesn’t like two hot hunks having sex in a closed space like a bus. Come and make your fantasy come true because baitbus is a great website.

Great boys for less prices

It is indeed a lot of work to make such amazing videos. Would you say that baitbro charges a lot of money from subscribers? You are absolutely wrong. The prices are very low because baitbro wants people to watch and have fun at low costs. To watch sexy guys have sex in pretty much all the positions, all you need to pay is $24.95 for a month. But if you don’t want to give away that kind of money immediately then you can go on a one day trial that costs only $1. Yes, you can access all baitbus videos for a measly amount of $1 for a day. That should give you an idea of the kind of stuff they have. If you think baitbus is your kind of thing then you can easily subscribe for $119.40 for one year. That is a great deal for such exotic videos that you would probably not be able to watch elsewhere. If you think that is not enough then you should then it must be told that the videos on the site are nearly an hour long and there are daily updates. That’s why you would never run short of exciting gay porn videos. All the men featured in the videos are sexy and hunky. You will get an instant hard on watch these wonderful men have sex. So, what are you waiting for? All you need to do is keep your credit card ready and subscribe. Ditch all those boring gay porn websites. Baitbus would give you what no other porn website would.