Erito Review

Erito is a network of 5 sites and all of them are featuring hot and hardcore Japanese porn. If you are into sexy Asian chicks, you should know by now that the Japanese porn is the greatest source of fun you could ever find online. The Erito collection is created by authentic Japanese porn studios, with 100% legit Japanese porn stars. The only down way of the origin of the collection is the fact that they are censored, but the blur is so thin that you will hardly notice it. The five sites you will have access on once you become a member of Erito will be perfect as your next source of adult entertainment. They feature exclusively HD content, which is delivered through functional and easy to use platforms. Plus, the membership of the network is lower than you’d expect. The site is pretty new, being launched less than 2 years ago, but it’s one of the best things that could happen to the Japanese porn, because they opened a portal for western men to get their porn content straight from its source. If you want to learn more about this network’s features and collection, all you have to do is to keep reading our review.

photo from Erito

The Site

I know that Japanese are really great with technology, so when I visited the member area of their site I didn’t expect anything less than a perfect interface that could offer me flawless user-experience. That’s exactly what I got. A very modern looking site, designed in a minimal way, with no useless banners, no advertisement and nothing that could stuff up the page and make the navigation annoying. The theme used in designing the Erito sites has a flat layout, so that members could navigate with the same ease from their touch screen devices as they do from computers. The pages are loading pretty fast, but that depends on your internet connection. I noticed that the site also has social media buttons incorporated in their pages, but that’s about the only flaw of the site. And it’s not really a flaw after all. Even if you won’t share your porn on Facebook, you might run a kinky Tumblr blog or a Reddit page about Japanese porn, so these buttons will come in handy. When it comes to the browsing of the collection, the site puts at your disposal all the tools and filters you might need. There is no advanced search tool, but the browsing features available are well organized and efficient, so you won’t really need one.

The Collection

As I said before, this is a legit Japanese porn site, launched so that men from Europe and US could see their favorite Japanese porn stars in original productions. That’s why the movies are featuring censorship. However, if you are a fan of the niche, you are already used with the blurry cocks and pussies in Japanese porn. And after all, we watch Japanese porn from other reasons than the hairy lady parts of the stars. And all the reasons for which we watch this kind of porn are delivered by the Erito collection. It features every classic fetish and kink traditional for the niche. From massage porn, bondage and squirting, to cosplay, role-play and nasty orgies, everything can be found in this collection. Since the network is pretty new on the internet you wouldn’t expect for a collection bigger than 200 movies. However, in the year and a half since it was launched, the network was extremely active, managing to bring us close to 1,000 sexy HD Japanese porn movies. There are no picture galleries featured on this site, but when you will see how amazing their movies are, you will realize the eve if they would have galleries, you wouldn’t waste your time with photos. The average length of a scene is about 20 minutes, and you will only be able to stream the content online. MP4 (1920×1080; 6000k) is the best format of watching the videos on this network, but if your internet is not good enough for streaming such a quality, you can choose a lower resolution from the Flash player’s menu. Another great feature of this collection is that the rating classification of the videos is legit. The site has both a like and a dislike button, so that the members can express their opinion of the movies, no matter if it’s a positive or a negative one.

The Porn Stars

When you will see how cute the models of this site are, you won’t believe the kinky and dirty things they are capable of doing. But I thing that’s the key ingredient in the success of Japanese porn. They take the most angelic looking porn stars they could find, so that the wilderness of their fetishes will take you by surprise. That or every woman in Japan looks like a sexy goddess. Even if the site features models of every age, from 19 years old to 45+, all of them are looking like they are in the early 20s. The variety of models is not that high on this site. Most of them are hot looking ladies, with medium sized boobs and fit bodies. There are some busty ladies on the site too, but that’s about it. Here are the most popular models of the site, all of them famous porn stars in Japan: Tia Bejan, Hitomi Tanaka, Kokomi Sakura, Ruri Saijou, Miku Airi, Hana Haruna, Tsubasa Amami, Yui Hatano, Minori Hatsune, Rio Sakura, Aika Yumeno, Nami Aino, Rei Mizuna and Yuma Asami. All these beauties and many others are waiting for you to join the fun on the Erito Network.

The Membership

The motto of the site is “From Japan to your house”, and this is probably one of the few legit claims I’ve seen in the porn industry. That’s why this is your chance of getting your hands on a collection of authentic Japanese porn. More than that, it’s really cheap. The 30 days membership of this site is now available for $17.95. If you want more time with these gorgeous Japanese models, you ca go for the 90 days membership ($59.95) or for the yearly one ($119.88). These memberships will bring you access on the main site of the network, plus four other sites with hot collections in 4 different niches. Cosplay in Japan has role-play and cosplay porn, Erito AV Stars has glamour porn, MILFs in Japan has mature porn and Teens of Tokyo has porn videos with the naughtiest college chicks of the Japanese capital.


If you are looking for a new porn source, you should try out the Erito network. Even if you are not into Japanese porn that much, I can guarantee you that the hotties of this site will satisfy every fantasy you might have. There are enough movies to last you more than a year and since you can download them, I would recommend you the yearly membership from the beginning. The upload rate brings about 3 new movies each week, so even if you power through the collection, you will still have new content available. Check out the site through the $1 limited access trial if you are not sure you’ll love Erito. Now go there and let the Japanese ladies take care of your needs in ways only known by them!