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Hairyav only collects the information that is strictly indispensable to process your payment and to supply the services they are offering. You may visit the website anonymously, and the site implements a variety of security measures in order to maintain the safety of your personal information. They offer, for instance, a secure server, and all sensitive information is transmitted via SSL technology and encrypted, so that nobody else can have access to it.
The website uses four different subscription providers for your security, including EPOCH and Netbilling.

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Hairyav offers you the possibility of obtaining a limited access to its content for only $1. This trial access allows you to explore the content of the website and start tasting it. This trial offer lasts for 3 days and will only allow you to watch the first 3 minutes of any video. You can go forward and pay for the monthly subscription, which offers you full access to the sites for only $19.95. The next plan is the “multi-month” one, which is valid for 3 months at $59. Finally, the most expensive but most convenient plan is the one that lasts for 1 year, at $119.88. Considering the price for only one month, the yearly plan is better in terms of price.
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