A huge network

All together there are actually 25 different sites all handled under one network called The GF Network, thus this is one huge network. Its name comes from the fact that each and every site that is managed or created through them has to do with girlfriends. In fact rarely do any of their sites not have GF in it, but a few are apparently exceptions name wise though they are still about girlfriends one way or another. We say one way or another because many of their sites are created because of ex-girlfriends, where a girl has for some reason gotten rid of a male and that male is now out for revenge of some type. Apparently uppermost in the list of sweet revenge is to take all the pictures along with all their videos that they, as a couple, created together and send them into a revenge site, such as the ones held by The GF Network. What happens next of course is that they then put them onto the internet, and voila the ultimate revenge known to man.

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Incredibly diverse content throughout

There are a tremendous amount of self-shot girls who are playing with themselves of course, with a lot of fingering and naturally also the use of dildos and vibrators. Then too you can expect a huge amount of blowjobs along with some great footage of facials, some of them covering not only the face of the girl, but also sometimes the hair as well. When you see blowjobs that are done as deep throat ones what is really neat is when the girl is bent backward and you can see the cock in her throat as it fills and empties. Moving along to asses and assholes, it is amazing how quickly girls find out that their asshole is definitely an erotic zone to be played with. Thus, you will see girls with girls playing with their assholes, and naturally there will also be ass fucking, and whether its girls with girls or guys with girls, there is also a great amount of licking of assholes. When we speak of assholes, there are also some girls apparently into DP which is actually double penetration which then includes a cock in one’s ass all the while there is also a cock up one’s pussy. You will even see some ass to mouth happening on these sites. Before we leave the assholes, let us tell you that you will see a tremendous amount of gaping here. The holes that are left after a girl is ass fucked is what gaping is, and a lot of guys apparently really get off on seeing gaping. All the girls look so different too. They are all beautiful chicks of course, but the real diversity is that they look so different one from another. There are of course brunettes, blondes, redheads, and those with luscious black hair, but much of the divergence comes from the fact that the sites features white girls, black girls, Indian girls, and also soft bronzed skinned Latina beauties. As for Asian chicks, you will see some from Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan and also Thailand, and each of those is absolutely smoking hot too! Do you like badass rock chicks? You know, the ones with tattoos, and those super-interesting piercings? They are the ones wearing all the Goth makeup so that their lips are white, but their eyes are all circled in the darkest of black? Often their clothing is torn in interesting places too. Then there are all the chicks who are into big cocks. You will see them engulf huge cocks in both their mouths as well as their pussies. However, when you see them taking it up the ass, you will probably groan in commiseration. Now, there are some guys who search out only big breasted ladies. Well, those girls are waiting for you in their sites, for they have girls who have downright massive melons, to put it mildly. Then there are those females who not only have huge breasts but gigantic nipples to boot. Granted if you are an areola man you have not seen areolas like those you are going to see. Truly amazing stuff there! Now we must confess that we really got off on something you probably do not expect. You see, one of their sites is secretly recorded private recordings of webcam shows that girlfriends have made for their boyfriends. It’s all truly amazing stuff, and highly delicate stuff. Most of that kind of stuff is ex-boyfriend submitted of course.

Network sites

Their network sites are as mentioned much diversified. For example some of their sites are Girlfriend Orgasms, Indian GF Videos, My Lesbo GF, Interracial GF Videos, as well as My NNGF. Now that last one defies translation, thus we’ll tell you that it is Non-Nude girlfriends!

Protection and security

You will have 100% secure as well as safe transactions here. Also, you should know that they support anonymous billing, which is not just discrete but moreover they have encrypted billing here as well. They correspondingly have 24/7 online support.

Pricing particulars

Of course this site will unquestionably take credit cards, as well as checks. The cost is exceptionally low as they offer you a great 1 day trial for as little as $1.00 per day. Then too there is a one month membership available to boot for only $27.95 per month, and that brings your cost down to only $0.83 per day. If, however you truly wish to get a great bargain, you should probably go for their 3 month membership as it is the cheapest of all that is offered for these sites. The three month one goes for $59.97 for the whole three months. However, look what that does to your daily cost for this huge network? It brings it down to $0.67 per day! With all the top notch customer support you will get here, and all those sites, you really cannot beat this network!